We are excited to announce the IX international physics conference in honor of F.Pianca!

The original idea of this conference is to let the students and young scientists meet each other, see how they look like and learn which science problems are of current interest abroad or in Latvia. We do feel that young Latvian scientists do not meet their colleagues from other countries often enough. Sometimes we do not even know other Latvians working in the same field in another country. The conference should bring together young Latvian scientists working abroad and in Latvia and foreign scientists interested in the scientific life of Latvia.

The first such conference was held in Riga in 1997 thanks to enthusiastic students that were developing their careers in science abroad. They did not want to lose contact with their colleagues working in Latvia and different other countries and enjoyed informal discussions about science. We want to re-establish this conference.

Despite the desire to meet you all in person, this year the conference will be organized remotely from 21st till 22nd December.

The conference ("workshop" may be a more appropriate title) will be pretty informal, as was the whole life of F. Pianca.
The talks will be 20-30 minutes long. Time for questions will be not strictly limited.

Who is F. Pianca?!
Where can we meet Latvian scientists in the world?
What scientific questions young Latvian scientists are trying to answer?
Maybe there are some collaboration opportunities?
Attend the conference and find it out!

The conference is FREE of charge.

The official language of the conference will be English.



  • Dr. Aleksandrs Leitis, EPFL, Switzerland

  • Dr. Edgars Butanovs, ISSP UL, Latvia

  • Dr. Inga Saknite, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, United States and University of Latvia, Latvia

  • Dr. Jānis Lazovskis, RTU Riga Business School, Latvia

  • Dr. Janis Timoshenko, Interface Science Department of Fritz-Haber Institute of Max-Planck Society, Germany

  • Dr. Kārlis Dreimanis, Riga Technical University, Affiliation - Latvia (residing on the Franco-Swiss boarder)

  • Dr. Maira Elksne, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

  • Dr. Makars Šiškins, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

  • Dr. Martins Zaumanis, Empa materials science and technology, Switzerland

  • Dr. Sergejs Boroviks, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland

  • M.Sc. Ergi Bufasi, University of Latvia, Latvia

  • M.Sc. Gustavs Kehris, Physics PhD candidate at Harvard University. Member of the ATLAS experiment. Based between Boston, USA and Geneva, Switzerland.

  • M.Sc. Janis Sperga, pureLiFi Ltd and University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom

  • M.Sc. Kristiāns Čerņevičs, EPFL, Switzerland

  • M.Sc. Mikus Milgrāvis, University of Latvia, Latvia

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    Time in RIGA (GMT +2)
    @ ZOOM platform

    Program in PDF can be found here.
    Book of abstracts can be found here.

    Tuesday, 21st December

    10:00 M.Sc. Inga Pudza Short introduction about F. Pianca
    10:10 Dr. Martins Zaumanis Connecting the dots: Communication at the Core of a Scientific Career
    10:40 Dr. Makars Šiškins Nanomechanics of 2D material membranes
    11:10 Dr. Edgars Butanovs Nanomaterials and thin films in Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia: research directions and capabilities
    11:40 M.Sc. Kristiāns Čerņevičs Graphene nanoribbons as components in electric nano-circuits
    14:00 M.Sc. Ergi Bufasi The Importance of Spatial Thinking in Teaching Physics
    14:30 M.Sc. Gustavs Kehris The ATLAS Detector at the LHC
    15:00 Dr. Maira Elksne Improvements in GaN semiconductor technologies
    15:30 M.Sc. Janis Sperga LiFi: Connecting everyone and everything with light

    Wednesday, 22nd December

    10:00 Dr. Jānis Lazovskis Describing Data: A Visual Survival Kit
    10:30 Dr. Janis TimoshenkoDeciphering experimental spectroscopic data using machine learning
    11:00 Dr. Sergejs Boroviks Nonlinear plasmonics with monocrystalline gold
    11:30 M.Sc. Mikus Milgrāvis Electromagnetic methods for production of aluminium metal matrix composites
    14:00 Dr. Inga Saknite Biophotonics for patient care: building a translational research team at a medical center in the United States
    14:30 Dr. Aleksandrs Leitis Metasurfaces for next-generation optics and biosensing
    15:00 Dr. Karlis Dreimanis Particle Physics at LHC
    Discussion and final remarks

    Organizing Committee:

    Inga Pudza,
    Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry,
    Institute of Solid State Physics,
    University of Latvia
    Last update 15.12.2021.
    Contact e-mail: inga.pudza@cfi.lu.lv